Man o Yazdan by Niaz Fatehpuri من و یزدان از نیاز فتح پوری


Allama Niaz Feth Puri
Pages: 716
Year: 2018

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Man Vizdaan is a collection of essays by Niaz Fatehpuri on various topics related to religion and religious beliefs. Not only religious arguments have been presented in the discussions but also rational examples have been given from the historical, scientific, moral, and psychological points of view. He will also know himself. Self-knowledge makes the journey of knowledge of God easier. Therefore, the author’s views on Islam, the reality of religion, the existence of God, theories of different schools of thought, religious views of scholars, different beliefs. The ideological differences have also been clarified. Apart from this, the fact of idolatry, the fact that the Qur’an is the word of God, and the scholarly discourse on the source of the Qur’an has increased the usefulness of the book. The first part of Man-i-Yazdan presents important issues which are worthy of consideration and the second part contains some articles which were asked in Nigar and the answers to these questions are in part-II of Man-i-Yazdan. Volume II is under review.


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